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16 weeks pregnancy update

Hi Everybody,

So this week i turned 16 weeks pregnant, i cannot believe where the time is going its going a lot faster than my first pregnancy!! The past week or two ive not been very well, i had an aweful kidney infection that ended up in me being admitted to hospital which was eventful to say the least! And now to top it off ive ended up with a lovely bout of thrush which is a very common side effect of taking antibiotics.

On a positive note its only 4 weeks until we find out what were having! I would love it if you could all comment below with a guess! My guess is that its a girl!

My belly has just been getting bigger and bigger and any day now i think my belly button is going to pop out (attractive i know) Im definitely starting to feel and look like a pregnant person which i love! Ive finally gone past the stage of looking like ive put on a big of weight to actually looking pregnant! The best part about it all is i actually have boobs for a change even if they are very sore! Im really looking forward to trying to breastfeed again as i had such a good experience with Eloise!

The other day we saw a specialist about how i would deliver the baby (due to eloises erbs palsy) , we didnt get much information from him which was a shame but from what he did tell us i believe the safest way to have this baby is to have a c section, so that will be what were going with this time, they usually do a section about 1-2 weeks before your due date which is continent as it means i will have recovered a tiny bit to be around for Eloises birthday (24th March) I cant imagine we will be doing a great deal as i will still be recovering and will have a newborn but as long as i can be there to watch her open her presents im happy!

So this week the baby is a size of an avocado so its very quickly getting a lot bigger. We heard the babys heartbeat for the first time the other day and Eloise sat there dancing to it!

So this is it for this week, i will see you in the next blog post! And dont forget to leave a comment below guessing what you think im having!

Lydia Anne


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