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31 Weeks Pregnant - Braxton Hicks & Nerves

How an earth has this come round so quickly?

I swear yesterday I was announcing my pregnancy now I’m in my final weeks!

I’m not going to lie the thought of having a newborn baby frightens me! I’m so excited but my goodness I feel like a new mum all over again and it wasn’t that long ago I had Eloise! I’m really hoping that Eloise copes with the change well and everything runs smoothly! I cannot imagine having a little newborn and having Eloise running around as well! I’m going to have my hands full to say the least! But it’s so exciting to be completing our family and finally start planning our wedding for next year!!!!!!

The past week I’ve had Braxton Hicks every single day, they are becoming quite painful as time goes on so I’ve been trying to take it easy and rest whenever i get the chance! So I’m not going to lie my housework isn’t top on my list of things to do at the moment!! I recently filmed a proper pregnancy update on my YouTube channel if you want to go and check it out! Ju…
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My essential products for breastfeeding

So just following last weeks post on my breastfeeding products, i wanted to share with you some of the products i used that helped my breastfeeding experience.

First thing is a breast pump, so your partner/family can get involved in feeding the baby! I used this tommee tippe manual breast pump, you can also get electric ones, but i found this manual one easy because on our first night out alone when Eloise was 4 months old, i needed to take my breast pump with me to express and dump the milk in the toilet so my boobs didnt leak all over the place, glamorous i know!

You will 100% need some nipple cream, when i had Eloise this is the particular one i used, but i brought a cheaper brand for when i have the next baby. Your nipples will most likely be sore and dry so its a really good product to invest in, the best ones to get are the ones you dont have to wipe off before feeding.

Breast pads are an absolute essential when breastfeeding as you will leak a lot! I used the tesco ones with Eloi…

Breastfeeding - My story

So Eloise is coming up to two years old soon, and i will be having baby number two in a few months which has recently got me thinking about breastfeeding again, and i soon realized i never shared my experience with anyone.

When Eloise was born i really wanted to breastfeed but i was open minded that if i struggled i would just go on to formula and not put a lot of pressure on myself to breastfeed her! Eloise was in neonatal for the first 24 hours after her birth and so they ga

ve her formula through a feeding tube that went in her nose to start with while i rested, but about 5 hours or so after her birth they said i could go in and try her on my breast if i wanted to. Previous to that i sat in my hospital bed trying my very hardest to express what colostrum i had so i could give her all the good stuff to go along with her formula to try and help her get her strength up after a traumatic birth.

I was so incredibly nervous as i had no idea what to do, i was very lucky and she pretty muc…

Lets talk - Mum guilt

So as im writing this im sat in bed winding down ready to go to sleep, and all i can think about is what an awful job ive done today as a mum, ive not played with her enough, ive let her eat too much junk food, ive been on my phone too much, i havnt taken her out today, ive been too busy cleaning and not paying her attention, the list is endless.

And im wondering is this normal? Does every mum feel like this? Well i ended up posting in a mum group and i realised i am not alone! Which is why i wanted to write this blog post so if you reading this are in the same situation and you find yourself in bed every night feeling guilty then dont worry because we all are. 

One thing im going to try and do to make myself feel better is structure a loose timetable for the day, just a simple plan of what we are doing etc. So things like, walk into town in the morning, have lunch then do some arts and crafts in the afternoon, followed by tea, bath time and bedtime. Then at least i can go to bed thinki…

Reflecting on 2017 & what does 2018 have in store for us?

This year has been incredible for us as a family, we celebrated Eloise's 1st Birthday and all the milestones she has reached this year! We saw her take her first few steps and now she wont stop running around the place! Her speech is absolutely incredible she is so forward for her age. We transformed her cot into a bed ( as she was jumping out of it) We also took her abroad for the first time to Cuba!! We went there for my 21st Birthday with my parents and it was amazing, it was Eloise's first time on a plane and leaving the country and it gave us some well needed family time! 

My Youtube has grown a lot this year, im more consistent and getting a lot more subscribers and views which im so pleased about! Ive been really enjoying filming and writing content for you all and i think ive grown so much as a person on YouTube, im much more confident in front of the camera and my editing skills are improving! 

So what will next year bring for us?

Well we have another beautiful baby due …

Box I Received From Influenster/Real Techniques & How To Recieve Your Own

So a few weeks ago now i was lucky enough to receive a box full of goodies from Influenster. Inside were the new collection of brushes from Real Techniques (Powder Bleu Collection) I couldn't believe my eyes when i opened the box and honestly didn't want to use the brushes because i didn't want to get them dirty!

When i finally accepted i would have to take them out of there beautiful packaging at some point i got to work and created a variety of looks with them! I couldn't believe how gorgeous these brushes were and how soft they are and how effortlessly they applied my make up!

In my box i received four brushes out of the collection -

Soft Powder Brush - Good for applying bronzer, highlighter or powder foundation

Soft Complexion Brush - For blending and buffing powder foundation into the s
kin or applying blusher.

Soft Finishing Brush  - For applying powder or highlighter

Soft Shadow Brush - To layer and blend eye shadows or use to apply highlighter.

How do i get my o…

Visiting Santa at Trevena Cross Nurseries

Today we took Eloise to visit Santa at Trevena Cross Nurseries in Breage, Cornwall. We took her last year when she was a lot

younger and it was great, but it was even better this year!

They had a little market on selling stuff from local businesses, like jewelry, bread, cheese, photos, crafts etc.

Then they had the santas grotto which is amazing, as your in the que they brought round chocolates, then there was a snow globe which you could stand behind and have a photo which looked amazing! There was also a enormous polar bear and fake snow and a talking owl and post box which is amazing for the kids.

Going there was free, and it only cost £5 to go and visit santa but the money goes to there chosen charities. When you go into the actual grotto there is a fantastic display of lights and status of animals, before you see father christmas so its a lovely experience. Then at the end you get to choose your own present from santa so theres stuff to suit all ages. This year Eloise chose a toy…