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Pumpkin picking at Trevaskis Farm Cornwall

Hi everyone,

So recently me and E went pumpkin picking at our local farm Trevaskis Farm in Cornwall. It was  a beautiful sunny but cold autumn day so it was perfect!

First we had lunch in there restaurant, i had a duck wrap with chips and E shared some sausage and chips with her cousin. Unfortunately we were too full up on lunch to take advantage of there gorgeous homemade desserts they have on offer so that means we will have to take another trip there sometime soon!

We had a little walk around the animals first, they had a few horses, ponies, and donkeys. E loved seeing all the animals and walked around saying what they were! Her speak is really coming on!

Then we arrived at the pumpkin patch, i was really really surprised how reasonable the price of the pumpkins were! They were just as much as what you would buy in the shop but here you get the fun of choosing which one and supporting a local farm at the same time! They had a sign up with three pumpkin sizes so you could work out wha…
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16 weeks pregnancy update

Hi Everybody,

So this week i turned 16 weeks pregnant, i cannot believe where the time is going its going a lot faster than my first pregnancy!! The past week or two ive not been very well, i had an aweful kidney infection that ended up in me being admitted to hospital which was eventful to say the least! And now to top it off ive ended up with a lovely bout of thrush which is a very common side effect of taking antibiotics.

On a positive note its only 4 weeks until we find out what were having! I would love it if you could all comment below with a guess! My guess is that its a girl!

My belly has just been getting bigger and bigger and any day now i think my belly button is going to pop out (attractive i know) Im definitely starting to feel and look like a pregnant person which i love! Ive finally gone past the stage of looking like ive put on a big of weight to actually looking pregnant! The best part about it all is i actually have boobs for a change even if they are very sore! Im re…

IM PREGNANT!!!!! My first trimester

Hello all, as im writing this im coming up to 13 weeks pregnant, due the 21st March 2018 (my original due date was 24th march which is my daughters birthday) but the baby was measuring bigger.

This is our second and final baby and im so excited to share my journey with you, as i only started blogging and youtube at the very end of my last pregnancy.

So whats in store for you? Well im going to be filming and blogging my journey.

So my first trimester how has it been you ask? In all honesty its been aweful, dont get me wrong im so so lucky to be pregnant and not a day goes by i dont realise how lucky i am. However i have been super super sick and feeling so tired and grotty in general. My skin has been aweful ive got really bad acne all over my face which is very painful. Ive been suffering a lot with headaches because of the rise of hormones in my body and ive also just wanted to sleep ALL the time which proves very hard with a toddler running around

. Im sure at the start i had some k…

Wishlist Wednesday - Chewsy

Recently i was very fortunate to be sent some chewing gum to review, and i loved it so much its made it onto my wishlist Wednesday. As you all know i try to be as eco friendly as possible and these chewing gums are biodegradable so are a lot better for the environment.

They currently offer three different flavors spearmint, peppermint and lemon (my favorite)

The lemon one is so refreshing and tasty, but im dying to try the rest! They are sugar free, gluten free, soy free, non GMO & vegan, what more can you ask for?
You can buy them on there website 6 packs for £9 which works out £1.50 each and you get free delivery! BONUS!
They make a really great stocking filler for the big C coming in december (i wont say the word) 

Wishlist Wednesday - Coconut Lane

Coconut Lane is one of those websites you can literally buy everything on because everything is so flipping gorgeous! For 20% Off there website use my code LYDIAANNE20

 Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel and me. How cute is this? I would love this for Eloise's room. 

How adorable are these elephant earrings? 

If we ever get any sunshine this summer, these sunnies are perfect and so gorge!

Flamingo notebook, what more can you ask for? Perfect to take with you to school in September or for writing your shopping list in!

These rose gold sunnies are beautiful.

This is one of my pieces of wall art that ive framed and put on my bedside table to remind me to stay focused and extra sparkly ever day!!

A few things from my Holiday Wardrobe

Black bikini bottoms from

Red Bikini (top & bottoms) from

Sunglasses from Accessorize Bikini top from Tesco

Bikini top from Tesco

Dress from Quiz clothing

How i celebrated my 21st birthday

So on May 15th 2017 i celebrated my 21st birthday. Well i say the 15th may but i pretty much celebrated all weekend and theres still more to come!

The day before my birthday me and my mum went shopping and brought loads of stuff for our holiday to Cuba. (there is a haul on my channel Lydia Anne on YouTube) it was a really sunny day in Cornwall and it was so nice to spend the time with my mum and Eloise. After shopping i went home to find one of my sisters had decorated my front room with balloons and also put photos on my wall in the shape of a 21. These were photos from when i was born right up until now, i literally am so soppy i cried my eyes out for about 30 mins i couldn't even talk, whilst i was doing that Decarlo couldn't stop laughing at me! When i finally managed to stop crying and actually look at the photos properly Decarlo told me we were going for a meal just me him and Eloise, so i had to go and wash my face and get rid of any make up that was left on my face (wh…