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Visiting Santa at Trevena Cross Nurseries

Today we took Eloise to visit Santa at Trevena Cross Nurseries in Breage, Cornwall. We took her last year when she was a lot

younger and it was great, but it was even better this year!

They had a little market on selling stuff from local businesses, like jewelry, bread, cheese, photos, crafts etc.

Then they had the santas grotto which is amazing, as your in the que they brought round chocolates, then there was a snow globe which you could stand behind and have a photo which looked amazing! There was also a enormous polar bear and fake snow and a talking owl and post box which is amazing for the kids.

Going there was free, and it only cost £5 to go and visit santa but the money goes to there chosen charities. When you go into the actual grotto there is a fantastic display of lights and status of animals, before you see father christmas so its a lovely experience. Then at the end you get to choose your own present from santa so theres stuff to suit all ages. This year Eloise chose a toy…
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Christmas on my Youtube channel - Whats in store for you

Hi everyone, so last year i planned to do vlogmas so film a video every day in december thats christmassy related, unfortunately i was really unorganized with my videos and didnt pre record so when i fell ill with the norovirus it put a stop to vlogmas.

This year i am going to be organised, ive already planned so many video's for you! But rather than doing 31 videos (for each day in december) im going to do 24 days of  Christmas with Lydia Anne. So from the 1st december im filming a video every day until christmas eve. 

So what have i got in store for you?

Ive got a christmas giveaway, make up tutorials, cooking/baking and lots lots more!! Im literally so excited about all the videos ive got planned and have even filmed some already! (organised i know!) And i cannot wait to share them with you all!

And of course i will be doing a blog post every monday as usual so there will be some christmas themed blog posts as well to look out for!

Please follow my blog and subscribe to my youtube c…

What i think of the Dove baby range

So ive recently brought and been using some of the new dove baby range, the lotion and the shampoo and im so impressed with it i thought i would review it for you guys! 

The shampoo coming in a 400ml bottle so you get a lot of product! On the back it says it helps replenish essential moisture and nutrients in the scalp and its pH neutral so it dosnt irritate babys skin. It smells absolutely incredible and makes Eloise's hair really silky! 

On to the lotion which is my personal favorite, Eloise suffers with really dry skin especially on her legs so after every bath we apply the lotion and it leaves her skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing!! I usually squeeze some into her hand so she can join in rubbing the cream in so its less of a chore! It soaks in really quick as well which i was really impressed with as theres nothing worse than a nappy-less baby!!!! The lotion comes in a 200ml bottle.

I brought both of these in Asda when they were on offer for about £1-2 so you can pick it …

Gender reveal

We are so so pleased to announce that we are expecting another girl!! Its our second and final baby for our little family and i thought i would be a little sad that i will never experience having a son, but actually im so excited to meet our little girl and for Eloise to have a little sister! 

At first we really wanted to know the gender then the weeks leading up to the scan we couldnt decide if we wanted to keep it a surprise or not, it was literally 5 mins before the scan we decided we should find out and im so glad we did! With Eloise we kept it a surprise and it was incredible but it was so nice to find out this time and do things differently like start decorating the room and choosing names etc.

We have one name on our list which we absolutely love! But were keeping that bit a surprise for everyone! 

I also thought id let you guys know im going to be writing a blog post every monday from now on! So keep you eyes peeled, also if any of you watch my youtube videos ive started posting …

Pumpkin picking at Trevaskis Farm Cornwall

Hi everyone,

So recently me and E went pumpkin picking at our local farm Trevaskis Farm in Cornwall. It was  a beautiful sunny but cold autumn day so it was perfect!

First we had lunch in there restaurant, i had a duck wrap with chips and E shared some sausage and chips with her cousin. Unfortunately we were too full up on lunch to take advantage of there gorgeous homemade desserts they have on offer so that means we will have to take another trip there sometime soon!

We had a little walk around the animals first, they had a few horses, ponies, and donkeys. E loved seeing all the animals and walked around saying what they were! Her speak is really coming on!

Then we arrived at the pumpkin patch, i was really really surprised how reasonable the price of the pumpkins were! They were just as much as what you would buy in the shop but here you get the fun of choosing which one and supporting a local farm at the same time! They had a sign up with three pumpkin sizes so you could work out wha…

16 weeks pregnancy update

Hi Everybody,

So this week i turned 16 weeks pregnant, i cannot believe where the time is going its going a lot faster than my first pregnancy!! The past week or two ive not been very well, i had an aweful kidney infection that ended up in me being admitted to hospital which was eventful to say the least! And now to top it off ive ended up with a lovely bout of thrush which is a very common side effect of taking antibiotics.

On a positive note its only 4 weeks until we find out what were having! I would love it if you could all comment below with a guess! My guess is that its a girl!

My belly has just been getting bigger and bigger and any day now i think my belly button is going to pop out (attractive i know) Im definitely starting to feel and look like a pregnant person which i love! Ive finally gone past the stage of looking like ive put on a big of weight to actually looking pregnant! The best part about it all is i actually have boobs for a change even if they are very sore! Im re…

IM PREGNANT!!!!! My first trimester

Hello all, as im writing this im coming up to 13 weeks pregnant, due the 21st March 2018 (my original due date was 24th march which is my daughters birthday) but the baby was measuring bigger.

This is our second and final baby and im so excited to share my journey with you, as i only started blogging and youtube at the very end of my last pregnancy.

So whats in store for you? Well im going to be filming and blogging my journey.

So my first trimester how has it been you ask? In all honesty its been aweful, dont get me wrong im so so lucky to be pregnant and not a day goes by i dont realise how lucky i am. However i have been super super sick and feeling so tired and grotty in general. My skin has been aweful ive got really bad acne all over my face which is very painful. Ive been suffering a lot with headaches because of the rise of hormones in my body and ive also just wanted to sleep ALL the time which proves very hard with a toddler running around

. Im sure at the start i had some k…